Mind The Gap
twenty-three. drawing. dancing. candles. the holidays. vintage watches. incense. lilies. hand written notes. lazy days. reading. smelling old books. music. foreign cultures. blogging. painting. old shoes. ballet. decorating. red lipstick. pillbox hats. the way my dance shoes feel on my feet.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau

You are what you wear.

0 / REBLOG#MtRushmore #travelingsiblings (at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial)
0 / REBLOG#Photoception #MtRushmore (at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial)
0 / REBLOGOur founding fathers just looking down on us. Thanks guys!  (at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial)
0 / REBLOG#TheLightingCeremony  (at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial)
1 / REBLOGat Mt. Rushmore National Memorial
0 / REBLOGThe back seat crew. #roadtrip (at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial)
0 / REBLOGGreat success for the Roskam’s doing the #LambeauLeap #ftw (at Lambeau Field)
0 / REBLOG#ArtStreet  (at Art Street)
0 / REBLOGIt may not be happy hour. But I feel happy. #margs #icemeltsanditslikeseconddrink (at La Cabaña Mexican Grill)
0 / REBLOGNight out #Lorelei   (at Lorelei Inn)
0 / REBLOGAt the #VictoriaVox concert. #ukecanttouchthis (at Arketype, Inc.)
0 / REBLOGHappy camping weekend with some good people.
0 / REBLOGSpent the day in Sturgeon Bay. #antiquing #winos
0 / REBLOGSo this is my Sunday night.  #CrossStitching  (at Project DuPere)
0 / REBLOG#Puzzle done.