Mind The Gap
twenty-three. drawing. dancing. candles. the holidays. vintage watches. incense. lilies. hand written notes. lazy days. reading. smelling old books. music. foreign cultures. blogging. painting. old shoes. ballet. decorating. red lipstick. pillbox hats. the way my dance shoes feel on my feet.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau

You are what you wear.

0 / REBLOGGood job @justinwetzel. #mealwelldone (at The zeameroskam Cave)
0 / REBLOG#Lambeau #Packers  (at Lambeau Field)
0 / REBLOGThis is where we spent the last 2:00 minutes of the 4th quarter. #Bucketlist checked. #Packers  (at Lambeau Field)
1 / REBLOGUp in heaven at #Lambeau. Right under the JumboTron (at Lambeau Field)
3 / REBLOGGood day at #Lambeau  (at Lambeau Field)
0 / REBLOGHow can they not win if we’re here. #Packers #GoPackGo  (at Lambeau Field)
1 / REBLOG#GoPackGo beautiful day at #Lambeau  (at Lambeau Field)
0 / REBLOGI have the best friends.
0 / REBLOGHell yes I will be!!!! #langlitzburkewedding #bridesmaid  (at The zeameroskam Cave)
0 / REBLOG#Cedarburg  (at Historic Cedarburg)
0 / REBLOG#Winery  (at Cedar Creek Winery)
0 / REBLOGMoving on up! Pretty stairs.
0 / REBLOGat Rapid City, Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota USA
0 / REBLOGBeing a badass in the #badlands #rosietheriveter  (at Badlands, SD)
0 / REBLOGLotion. ASAP. #nowthatsdry (snap) (at Bad Lands, South Dakota)