Mind The Gap
twenty-three. drawing. dancing. candles. the holidays. vintage watches. incense. lilies. hand written notes. lazy days. reading. smelling old books. music. foreign cultures. blogging. painting. old shoes. ballet. decorating. red lipstick. pillbox hats. the way my dance shoes feel on my feet.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau

You are what you wear.

0 / REBLOGWooden coat of arms. Rathskeller haunted by Henry.  (at von Stiehl Winery)
0 / REBLOGVon Stiehl Winery. The Italianate structure was constructed in 1868. We aren’t just drinking. We’re learning.  (at von Stiehl Winery)
0 / REBLOGSpending the day with @justinwetzel #exploringwisco  (at Caffe Tlazo)
0 / REBLOG#skrillex. amazing.  (at Navy Pier Grand Ballroom)
0 / REBLOGDining and planning.  (at The zeameroskam Cave)
0 / REBLOGWhat a dinner. #Mussels fresh steamed.  (at St. Brendan’s Inn)
0 / REBLOGDate night. #ibeonmysuitntie #dapper (at St. Brendan’s Inn)
0 / REBLOG#TheHeadandtheHeart rocked Green Bay tonight.  (at Meyer Theatre)
0 / REBLOG#YUMM (at Central Standard Craft Distillery)
0 / REBLOG#InstaSize (at Central Standard Craft Distillery)
0 / REBLOGRandom trips to #Milwaukee with the gang.  (at Third Ward District)
0 / REBLOGGood job @justinwetzel. #mealwelldone (at The zeameroskam Cave)
0 / REBLOG#Lambeau #Packers  (at Lambeau Field)
0 / REBLOGThis is where we spent the last 2:00 minutes of the 4th quarter. #Bucketlist checked. #Packers  (at Lambeau Field)
1 / REBLOGUp in heaven at #Lambeau. Right under the JumboTron (at Lambeau Field)