Mind The Gap
twenty-three. drawing. dancing. candles. the holidays. vintage watches. incense. lilies. hand written notes. lazy days. reading. smelling old books. music. foreign cultures. blogging. painting. old shoes. ballet. decorating. red lipstick. pillbox hats. the way my dance shoes feel on my feet.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau

You are what you wear.

0 / REBLOGPatio life  (at The zeameroskam Cave)
0 / REBLOGMama/daughter  (at Fox Heights Pub & Grill)
0 / REBLOGHappy #nationalsiblingday just a couple of blond babes.
0 / REBLOGHappy #nationalsiblingday just a couple of blond babes.
0 / REBLOG#VSCOcam sunny day.
0 / REBLOGI think he’s a keeper.
0 / REBLOGGood to have my girls this weekend.  (at S.A.L.T.)
0 / REBLOGSunday funday sunset walk. Perfect.
1 / REBLOG#Tbt I thought this would be appropriate for a #throwback since my best friend is coming to #geebs this weekend. #adventures
0 / REBLOGPushing the drain into the thin set. Crossed this off my bucket list today. #schlutered it.  (at Norway, MI)
0 / REBLOGFinished waterproofing our demo shower. #schlutered it!  (at Norway, MI)
0 / REBLOG#Storheims
0 / REBLOG#Trampledbyturtles were simply amazing.  (at Meyer Theatre)
0 / REBLOGMetal shower.
0 / REBLOGGood night February. Good morning March.